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Website Audit

1.    2-hour summary review with initial editing suggestions:  £247.00

This is what you need to get started on tightening up the way you present yourself and your work.


2.    5-hour deep dive with extensive editing suggestions:  £597.00 . 

This is an In-depth look at what you are showing now and its effectiveness in appealing to your ideal client, including a comprehensive review of potential edits.


If you want to drive your business forward and take it to the next level but feel you lack the confidence or know-how, then I can help you.


Areas that we will cover include:

+ Getting Started in Business if you are at the beginning of your career.

+ Reviewing your business model and its suitability for getting you where you want to be in 3 years as a photographer.

+ Drilling down into your ideal client and bringing that to life.

+ Examining what might be holding you back and how to move you forward.

+ Pulling together a marketing plan for the next 12 months

+ Identifying the right investments in industry platforms such as Production Paradise, Le Book, Wonderful Machine, The  AOP (UK).

+ Evaluating other marketing assets such as email, social media, self promotion material, online galleries.

+ Creating an effective database, CRM system for regular email marketing. 

+ Build your presence and brand online generally.

+ Tuning up your SEO - making sure you are using keywords to keep you on 1st/2nd page of Google

+ Exploring the world of agents and whether one would be right for you (and how to go about getting one)..

+ Managing client expectations and how to deal effectively with advertising agencies..

+ Exploring other streams of income, eg.  Selling prints, stockshots, teaching photography.


  1. An intense 1-hour session on any one of the above topics:  £97.00 


  1. 2 sessions totalling 3-hours, exploring four topics: £277.00


In-person 1:1 extended reviews to examine all topics and make sure you are exactly where you need to be in understanding your ideal client and what your website needs to do to appeal to them. Hosted at my office in Oxford, England.


  1. Half-day (4 hours) including lunch, snacks and refreshments:  £497.00 

  2. Full-day (8 hours) including all meals, snacks and refreshments:  £897.00


Overnight accommodation also available for an additional charge. 


A day  covering everything you need to know to successfully market your photography business.


A maximum of  4 attendees can join me in Oxford and  we create  a bespoke brand and marketing plan for you by the end of the session.

We will clarify how to position your business vs the competition and agree where to focus your time and attention whether it be awebsite, social media or networking.

We will look at  your branding and your mission statement. Work out your ideal client and curate your website to appeal and wow your ideal client.

Finally, we will agree your marketing plan for the following 12 months to include email marketing, Social Media and SEO.


£399.00 including snacks and lunch.

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