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Creative Research/Curation

Christine Saunders Creative Consultant & Coach Photography & Illustration

Do you need help to find a photographer or illustrator for your next campaign?


Let me know if you need help with:-


  • Estimating costs for photo, copy, illustration, digital animation, and web

  • Talent recommendations

  • Managing project schedules

  • Managing large budgets

  • Casting

  • Selecting and booking talent

  • Negotiating rates

With over 25 years of experience at some of London’s top creative agencies, I have built a massive database of incredible photographers and illustrators from all around the world.  


If you are looking for support in the execution of a stills production, I can provide you with anything from finding the right artist, through estimating, models and props, project management to post production and budget reconciliations. 


Brief me via Zoom and I will start immediately on research, sourcing photography, illustration, or CGI. Although illustration and CGI may be the preferred route during the COVID-19 crisis, I also know photographers who can shoot at home or produce simple street photography while observing current restrictions. 


With continued use of Zoom and other technologies like Wetransfer, I will manage the job remotely but continue to liaise with you or your team in whatever way suits your working style. ​ If you think I can help or would just like a conversation to find out more, then contact me at so that we can set up a time to chat. 

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